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My absence

Hello all,

You all know that I’ve been absent for quite a long time.
I feel like I owe you guys an apology and some explanation, so here we go…

I’ve been away for so long due to some health issues,
I don't feel like telling all about it to the whole internet.
But don’t you worry, I’m Ok!

Now, for the future… I’m planning to come online more often, so we can play together.
Besides that I hope we can build and amazing future for our server and a nice community.

I hope I see you guys on the server!
I really missed you. <3

See you online!
Kind regards,
Mari :)

Factions server released!

Hey all,

The CreativeKing Factions server has now been released. You can join it through the lobby!

If you see any issues, send me a private message on here or through Discord. Any suggestions are welcome on our forums or through the discord #suggestions channel.


Factions Server - Launching at the 5th of August

Hello Everybody,

Today I am here to finally reveal the launch date of the long awaited CreativeKing Factions server!

The Factions server will be launching at the 5th of August!

Our Factions server will have ingame economy, crates, awesome donator ranks and features, a shop, and much more!

We hope to see you on our Factions server at the 5th of August!

Bas (basdv98)

Factions server - Work in progress!

Hey all,

As you guys probably know, we've been planning to add a factions server to the CreativeKing network for a while.

Today I'd like to tell you that we started working on this recently and expect to be able to launch it within the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on our website and Discord to find out when we launch, we already posted some screenshots on our Discord server showing some sneak peeks of the Factions server, especially the great building already done by @Marijke2382

We'll keep you posted!


Server launching coming Saturday!

Hello Everyone!

I would like to let you all know that our renewed Creative server will be launching coming Saturday 27 January of 2018!

We added a plot world to the Creative server, freebuild is still there but now only accepting proven builders. You can always take a look at the freebuild world though and we did not reset it.

Please join us coming Saturday to see the renewed Creative server, claim a plot and start building!


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website. As you can probably see we are still filling this site and doing some final design tweaks but we expect to have this site completely done in a few weeks.

Currently we are doing some major changes to our Creative server, more on that later.
We removed the Survival server and are soon going to add a Factions server.

Keep checking this website, we will keep you up to date!


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