The following rules apply on this server

  • Naturally, griefing is not tolerated in any way. If you grief you will be banned without warning.
  • Be polite and respect your fellow builders, try not to offend them.
  • Don't spam or troll. This includes TALKING IN CAPS.
  • Don't excessively swear. If you're mad about something that didn't work out, you're allowed to use some cursing, but please keep it at minimum.
  • PvP is only allowed if both parties agree on it.
  • Don't make server lag on purpose, for everyone's sake.
  • Do not talk about other servers or give an IP address / website.
  • The chat is meant for english. This means you can only talk another language if no one from a different country is around, or other players don't care. You can also use private messages.
  • Don't ask for OP or staff.
  • If for some reason you can do something that is not supposed to be enabled, contact me as soon as possible. (Remember that it could also be used against you if so)
  • Do not build directly next to someone's area (unless the other player(s) agree), keep some distance so that you and the other player can expand.
  • Do not copy the buildings of other players without their permission.
  • Leave someone else's area when asked to.
  • You may not build 1x1 towers (unless needed for building).
  • Use your common sense.

The usual way our staff behaves when a player breaks the rule, is that the staff member first warns the player.
Then if the player doesn't change his behaviour, the staff member kicks this player.
Eventually if the player still misbehaves, a ban will be required.
Griefing on purpose always immediately results in a ban. (of course staff will check thoroughly if it was on purpose first)