Ranks - Survival

On this page, you can see all the ranks including their perks and command access.


This is the default rank for new players.
You can't build, and it pretty much is just like being a spectator in other games.
If you would like to be able to build, please register by clicking here and become Member.


Members are players who are able to build.
To get the Member rank, you must sign up on this site, after that you will automatically be promoted to this rank.


After 24 hours of active play time, you will be automatically promoted to Member+.
Players with the Member+ rank get some additional features that are blocked to regular members to prevent griefing.
Currently there are no extra features for Member+ on our Survival server.


A Donator has supported the server by donating money to keep it up. Donators get some awesome rewards for that.
As a donator, you can bypass the teleportation delay, use lava buckets and set unlimited homes with /sethome!


A Donator+ can do all from the above ranks and will have access to those commands.