Donate - Creative

Donating helps us to keep the server running, and gives you some awesome extra features on our Creative server!
Please see the table below to find out which Donator rank fits you best.

$5 USD

$10 USD

$20 USD

Access to the Donator Lounge in the spawn building
Create unlimited public and private warps
Chat with color codes
Join the server while it's full
Use /invsee to view the inventory of another player
Use /kittycannon to shoot an exploding kitten
Use /tppos to teleport to specified coordinates
Use /skull to get the skull of a specific player
Use /thor to be a thor and shoot with lightning
Use /tp to teleport to a player without a request
Use /jump to teleport to the place you are looking at
Use /i to give yourself the specified item
Use /ignore to ignore chat messages from a player
Use /hat to use the block you are holding as hat
Use /speed [0-10] to change your walk and fly speed
Choose your own prefix! (instead of [Donator++])
Use WorldEdit! (up to 100.000 blocks per action)
Use /time to change the in-game time
Use /more to fill the stack of items in your hand
Use /top to teleport to the highest block directly above you
Use /nick to change your displayname to the specified nickname
Use /d to disguise yourself into the a specified mob
Note: All Donator packages last for the lifetime of the creative server. Please contact a staff member if you would like to upgrade your package. Chargebacks and PayPal disputes will lead to a ban.